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oHRis Time Management is a web software, which, when coupled to oHRis Paid Leave Management, forms OS CONCEPT’s software suite that enables the attendance and absence time management of your staff, regardless of your company’s organization.

In just 4 years, oHRis Time Management gathers 24 000 users in “Saas mode” spread in 40 countries. Our time management solution adapts to all kind of working time control legislation.

  • Access to his time-clock data annual calendar from a computer or a touchpad,
  • Suggest corrections of anomalies and have it validated (lack of time card, clocking out oversight, etc…), what would limit the intervention of the pay manager when processing the working times at the end of the month,
  • Make a choice at the end of the month concerning his extra hours processing (transfer on the following month, request for payment or transfer in a « compensation time-off» counter»).
  • Follow attendance and hours accumulation on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly way,
  • Validate his collaborators' time sheets every week or every month,
  • Display collective attendance schedules with a summary of worked hours made on a given period and a given population, to collect a maximum of information easily in a minimal time.
  • Manage all kinds of working time arrangements (day or night work, alternate work cycles, set or flexible working hours, part-time, etc.),
  • Configure legal rules (maximum 10 hours a day, 48 hours a week, etc…) in order to have them systematically applied and respected,
  • Automatically allow time windows for clocking in/out,
  • Correct clocking anomalies directly from a user-friendly and intuitive schedule.

With oHRis’s badge reader, secure the recording of your staff’s entries and exits !

Like the other software published by OS CONCEPT, the oHRis badge reader had to be easy to handle and use while offering at the same time many time management possibilities.

Light and strong, easy to handle and efficient, this card reader is the perfect tool to manage your staff’s clocking in and out times in the easiest way.

  • Indisputably collects the staff's clocking in and out times at every access point of the company's premises.
  • Ensures the time management service continuity even in case of network interruption ; oHRis automaticaly resynchronizes data.
  • Defines on which card reader(s), and at which access point(s) each employee is allowed to clock in and out.
  • Clears duplicate entries in real time.
  • Without any additional action from the employee, oHRis detects if the clocking in concerns an entry or an exit.
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A quick installation !

Already preconfigured by our technicians, oHRis card readers are ready to work upon delivery !

To set up your card reader, you just need 2 wall-hung clips and a network RJ45 connection (our card reader is PoE compatible).

In GPRS version, our card reader is fully self-contained.

Experience the benefits of a SaaS solution !

Secured via HTTPS and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A non-stop technical and functional support from 9 am to 5 pm

Free updating of the new functionalities

Daily backups included

SLA engagement at 99.99%

Secure infrastructure, monitored in real time and yearly audited

No minimum contrat period

No prepayment, invoicing at the end of each month

Data hosted in France