Gestion des temps


With oHRis’ attendance time management module, you can easily manage the working time of your employees, regardless of how your company is organised.


oHRis time management offers different ways of collecting hours:

  • “Physical” scoring of all inputs/outputs thanks to the oHRis badger,
  • “Virtual” pointing of all inputs/outputs from each employee’s computer,
  • Declaration of all the hours worked with validation of the Manager,
  • Reporting only overtime events with Manager validation.


Our attendance management solution adapts to all types of company agreements and will allow your company to be in legal compliance with attendance and mandatory rest controls.

Illustration pointage virtuel

4 scoring modes: physical or PC badger, full declarative or only exceptional events

Workflow for validating forgetting time and exceptional events (on-call, journeys, etc.) 

Automated calculation of mark-ups: night work, weekend holidays, weekly, etc.

Automated management of lunch breaks and intermediate breaks


Automated processing of anomalies (delay, early departure, exceeding hours, etc.)

Personalization of information & calculations displayed on the timesheet


Choice at the end of the month: carry-over to the next period, transfer to a recovery counter or payment

Hours and anomaly tracking dashboard



Transfer hours to your payroll software



Make the recording of your employees' entries/outputs reliable with the oHRis Time Management badger!

The badger proposed by oHRis the best compromise to automate the collection of your employees’ hours and make your time management process more reliable.


Lightweight and robust, easy to use and efficient, this time clock is the perfect equipment to manage the scores of your staff with peace of mind.

pointeuse gestion des temps
installation badgeuse gestion des temps

Quick installation!

The badgers are shipped pre-configured by our technicians, they are ready to work from the reception!


To install your badger, you only need 2 wall clips and an RJ45 network connection (our badger is PoE compatible).

In 4G version, our badger is fully autonomous!

Time management should no longer rhyme with off-putting!

The benefits of online time management

Secured via HTTPS and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A non-stop technical and functional support from 9 am to 5 pm

Free updating of the new functionalities

Daily backups included

SLA engagement at 99.99%

Secure infrastructure, monitored in real time and yearly audited

No minimum contract period

No prepayment, invoicing at the end of each month

Data hosted in France