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Leave management software without compromise !

Gestion des congés

oHRis’ leave management software saves time at all levels of your chain of command; time savings during the filing and validation stages, time savings for your HR department during the administrative follow-up of absences and pay integration. No more questions about taking leave, the deposit rules are automated and everything is finally accessible.

What organization does not dream of having a real-time or forecast view of attendance, absences or employees working from home? oHRis will help convey a current image of your HR department or your company thanks to its modern, intuitive and 100% usable interface from a Smarphone or tablet.

1. Request your leave.

With oHRis leave management software, requesting absences is simple. Select your dates from an intuitive, up-to-date calendar and confirm them.

Pose de congés - Logiciel de gestion des congés

2. Confirm your leave

With our absence request solution, managers are informed in real time and can easily approve leave requests.

Workflow de validation - Logiciel de gestion des congés

3. Access your counter.

Your counter is always up to date. Your absences are automatically transmitted to your payroll software at the end of the month.

Compteur - Logiciel de gestion des congés

oHRis is new features in terms of leave management !


Dematerialization and archiving of proof of absence accompanied by a validation circuit by HR

Calculation engine

Powerful and unprecedented leave entitlement calculation engine on the market


Real-time linking to email calendars that requires no ICS files sent via email.


Telework management: fixed or periodic telework request, validation, monitoring, implementation of control rules.

Periods of closure

The management of the periods of closure of your establishment,

Donation of days

The management of all the legal provisions related to the donation of days, from the realization of the anonymous donation to its attribution without forgetting the management of the supporting documents,

Days of splitting

The management of the renunciation or not of the days of splitting,

oHRis is also :

Validation circuit

Request validation circuit with delegation management

Work cycles

Management of even the most complex work cycles and scheduling arrangements


Real-time notification, reminder by E-mail, validation of holidays from e-mail


Forecasting of absences and decision support tool

Restaurant vouchers

Calculation and export of restaurant vouchers


Management of leave deposit rules even the most complex


Automatic integration of absences in Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, etc.

They chose oHRis to manage their absences

Clients - Logiciel de gestion des congés

Compatible with many payroll solutions on the market!

Compatible with more than thirty payroll solutions on the market, oHRis eliminates the manual entry of absences at the end of the month by your HR team.


oHRis also offers the possibility to import the acquisitions of paid leave or days of seniority, the data displayed in the leave management module are identical to those of the pay slip.


The connection with your payroll software also avoids double entry when hiring a new employee and work stoppages. 

Logiciel de paie - Logiciel de gestion des congés

Download the oHRis product sheet

If you’re looking for an effective way to organise and communicate information about the oHRis leave management module to your staff or managers, the product sheet is an excellent option.

More information on managing leave ?

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The benefits of online leave management

Secured via HTTPS and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A non-stop technical and functional support from 9 am to 5 pm

Free updating of the new functionalities

Daily backups included

SLA engagement at 99.99%

Secure infrastructure, monitored in real time and yearly audited

No minimum contract period

No prepayment, invoicing at the end of each month

Data hosted in France