Dematerialize your
HR and administrative processes!

Dematerialize your HR and administrative processes!

oHRis is a French publisher of “full web” software dedicated to the automation and dematerialization of HR, administrative and organizational processes. The software solution offered by oHRis allows companies of all sizes to make different processes reliable such as leave management, expense report management, attendance time management, activity monitoring or electronic distribution of pay slips.

Gestion des congés

For any company, regardless of its size, the management of leave, absences and RTT of employees is a crucial point in the organization of schedules. oHRis Congés allows you to avoid problems related to poor absence management. Thanks to a simple and identical interface for all users, the software brings you comfort, simplicity and serenity by centralizing all internal leave requests.

Gestion des temps

Measuring the working time of all employees is, beyond a legal necessity, an essential element of company management. oHRis Time Management, far from being a monitoring tool, makes it possible to justify the working hours of each of the employees, whether they are executives or non-executives.

Suivi des activités

Tracking the working time of a company's employees also involves knowing in detail the activities of each.

oHRis Activities allows you, via a simple and intuitive web interface, to know precisely the time spent on each of your projects.

Note de frais

The reimbursement of professional expenses is an obligation for the employer: but between the imperative for each employee to detail each expense on his expense report and the constraint of keeping and attaching the supporting documents, the management of expense reports in paper format in the company can quickly become boring, a source of losses and forgetfulness and therefore errors. oHRis Expense Report is the ideal dematerialization tool thanks to which no expense report or proof can be lost, no omission is possible! A single interface brings together the declarations of expenditure with date, nature, reason, as well as the proofs of expenditure scanned or even just taken in photo by your employees! Consult, validate and send to accounting in a few clicks!


How about being able to distribute your employees' pay slips in a completely secure and confidential way in just a few minutes? Without an envelope, without a stamp and saving on your printing costs? oHRis E-Bulletins, our electronic distribution solution for pay slips offers you this possibility, in the most intuitive way possible! Whatever payroll software is used, import your slips in Pdf format, check, start distribution! Your employees are notified by e-mail and can access their newsletters wherever they are and whenever they want. And if some still prefer the paper format, start printing at the same time as distribution, from the same screen... Simple and secure for you and for employees!

Entretiens et Objectifs

How would you like to be able to easily create, plan, prepare, conduct, sign and archive your annual reviews?

oHRis Interviews & Objectives allows you to do all this through a simple web interface. In addition to saving time, it's a real management tool that ensures organization and compliance with legal obligations.

Suivi RH

Do you want to do away with archiving and storing your employees' "paper" files?

oHRis HR Tracking allows you to centralize and secure the management of information and documents, and to quickly collect variable payroll elements. Highly configurable, oHRis allows you to create a custom HR file and update your employees' data in real time.

Efficient management solutions!

The management of leave and absences, but also the management of time in companies are real issues with a considerable impact on the organization, operation and balance of an entire structure, regardless of its size.

oHRis, publisher, distributor and integrator of software specialized in leave management and time management in companies, observed and analyzed the multiple processes used by Human Resources departments to develop solutions adapted to their needs.

This proximity, this support and this listening allow us today to offer leave management and time management solutions as obvious and ergonomic as possible, in complete transparency, and to make them evolve in order to facilitate their administration and use even more. Our goal: to save you precious time while allowing you to send your teams a current and dynamic image.

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