Suivi des activités


Monitoring working time in companies involves knowing in detail the activities of each employee.

Our oHRis activity tracking software allows you, via a simple and intuitive web interface, to accurately track the time spent on each of your projects. 

oHRis activity monitoring is a real project monitoring and management software package.

Fully customizable and adaptable to any type of context, oHRis Activity Tracking will adapt to your organization.

gestion des activités

Ability to enter activities as a percentage of day or hours

with bulk input functionality

2 configurable validation circuits

Validation by the project and/or hierarchical axis

Automated calculation of time spent per project, per task, per team, per funder, etc.

Unrestricted project tree and subprojects, assigning registrants to the project or subproject

Real-time consultation of activity entries by managers and management of reminders

Notification by email of the activities to be validated

Supervision of past time and remaining days, follow-up of the forecast in days


Cost tracking and extraction



Numerous extractions compatible with the expectations of the European Commission, etc.

When to use activity tracking software?

You are a private or public research center, a hospital, a University or a high school and you must justify the time spent by your researchers in the context of projects funded by the European Commission, the ANR, etc.

Your company benefits from the Research Tax Credit (CIR) or the Innovation Tax Credit (CII) and you want to reliably and enforceable track the time spent by your PhD students and Engineers on eligible projects

You are a service provider, architect or accountant and you want to track the time spent by your employees on customer files in order to track your margins or invoice the time spent

An intuitive interface coupled with our absence management module

The advantages of online activity tracking software:

Secured via HTTPS and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A non-stop technical and functional support from 9 am to 5 pm

Free updating of the new functionalities

Daily backups included

SLA engagement at 99.99%

Secure infrastructure, monitored in real time and yearly audited

No minimum contract period

No prepayment, invoicing at the end of each month

Data hosted in France